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- creative activities and cultural festivals

In the towns Lira, Gulu and Kitgum War Child celebrated Peace Day with creative activities and cultural festivals.

In Lira for example War Child’s partner organization CRY Uganda (Conflict Resolution by Youth) organised a one week peace camp for over one hundred youth, with partnership of War Child Holland, Action Aid and the European Union. Youth from different parts of Uganda started celebrations with a peace march around town to the stadium. There different subjects have been discussed, like 'The reception of the peace talk results' and 'The pain conflict is causing for children and youth'. Presentations by local performers like chief Lango, Apio Jane and DJ Super were received with enthusiasm. To show the role youth can play in peaceful integration, youth from Teso presented a traditional dance.

Years ago this could have been a spark of conflict. Now the event went by peacefully. A moment of silence was held for those lost in the 21-year old conflict and the audience asked to air their views in an open forum.

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