The Butterfly Mine

The Soviet PFM-1 scatterablepressure-sensitive blast mine is also known as the "butterfly mine" because of its shape, which unfortunately attracts children who think it is a toy.

Millions of these small green mines were scattered from helicopters or launched from artillery throughout the war in Afghanistan. They became so familiar that children began to call them "green parrots".

It has been produced in various shades of brown green, and white. But also in very attractive colors for children, like blue and red.

The PFM-1S version of this mine is one of rare designs which include a self-destruct mechanism. It explodes 24 hours after deployment. One 'wing' contains liquid explosive. When pressure is applied the explosive is forced into contact with the fuse.

The amount of explosive is small, but it can still take a child's hand off.

PMD-6 antipersonnel mine MON-50 antipersonnel mine PFM-1 scatterablepressure-sensitive blast mine also called The Butterfly Mine

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