“..the toll they take on innocent civilians
amounts to a crime against humankind”.

Sadako Ogata - UNHCR

Currently, for every landmine cleared a further 20 are being laid.

Our planet is contaminated by a deadly plague of landmines:

War Child has added its name to the growing number of organisations around the world who are calling for a global ban on the manufacture, sale and deployment of landmines. We support The International Campaign to Ban LandminesThe campaign calls for:

An international ban on the use, production, stockpiling, and sale, transfer or export of anti-personnel mines; and
The establishment of an international fund, administered by the United Nations, to promote and finance mine victim assistance programs
Landmine awareness, clearance and eradication programs worldwide; and Countries responsible for the production and dissemination of antipersonnel mines to contribute to the international fund.


In the time it takes you to read the following documents another child will die as the result of a landmine injury.

Go to The International Campaign to Ban Landmines website to read more.

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