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About War Child Holland

War Child Holland strives for a healthy mental development of children who have lived through war. This will enable them to contribute to a peaceful future. War Child specializes in providing psycho-social assistance to children in former war zones, using all kinds of creative methods.

Through music- creative- and sports activities children learn to express their emotions. This helps them to deal with war experiences and stimulates their personal development and respect for one another. By learning to play again children are able to escape the difficulties of their daily lives for a while

Since War Child Hollandís foundation, employees, artists, companies, individuals and children have been working continuously and passionately for a new future for children living in former war zones. Today, War Child Holland employs 332 field staff and works with 71 local partner organisations. With support from the Head Office in Amsterdam, they reached more than 970.000 children in 2009. War Child currently works in 11 countries affected by armed conflict.

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Office employees: 62
Expatriates: 26
Field employees: 332
Total: 420
Local partner organisations: 71
Projects: € 14,3 mln euro
Project countries: 11

Mission statement War Child Holland

War Child Netherlands invests in the peaceful future of children affected by war.
War Child’s goal is the empowerment of children in war-affected areas, through:

* The establishment and implementation of psychosocial programmes in which creative and sports activities are used to reinforce the psychological and social development and the welfare of the children;

* The establishment and implementation of creative and sports programmes that are aimed at uniting children who have been driven apart because of war, in order to contribute to a peaceful society;

* The creation of public awareness of the problems of children in (former) war zones and the generation of support for these children.

War Child is an independent humanitarian non-governmental organisation assisting children, irrespective of their religious, ethnic, or social background.

History of War Child Holland

In 1993, the current War Child Executive Director Willemijn Verloop met two British filmmakers in war-stricken Bosnia Herzegovina. In the midst of the fear and hatred they were carrying a bag full of musical instruments. They were heading towards a basement, where they were running workshops for children as part of a War Child UK programme. Already on that first visit Willemijn was convinced of the benefits of this approach for young survivors of war.

The war had a disastrous effect on the children. They were withdrawn, scared and mistrustful. The creative therapeutic workshops brought back the child inside them. Making music together created a bond between them, a bond that transcended ethnic barriers and led to mutual understanding, respect and of course a lot of fun. Willemijn was enthusiastic about the idea and decided to also devote herself to War Child. One year later War Child Netherlands became a reality.

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