BNN & Friends for War Child
BNN, the first Dutch public TV station for youngsters in the Netherlands recently recorded a CD single for War Child, named ‘Voorgoed’ (For Good),

‘Voorgoed’ reached the Top 10 in its second week, and continues to do very well in the charts, with sales raising funds for War Child Netherlands. Thank you to all Dutch TV stations who have so generously supported War Child Netherlands. Read more in article below.


Visual Impact photography project
Millions of children around the world are caught up in war, either involved in combat, injured or orphaned by war, or forced to flee their homes to escape fighting. News photographers and journalists visit these refugees, using their life stories to illustrate the devastation war causes.

The Visual Impact photo project takes a new approach – allowing children to tell their story through photographs they take themselves. Single use cameras are distributed to young people who are encouraged to take photos of the places and people that are important to them and to portray the story of their own lives.

The films are developed and the prints returned to the children so that they can select their favourite images. These are exhibited locally before being returned to the children. There are also workshops on the basics of photography.

Successful photo projects and exhibitions have taken place in southern Sudan, Albania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Liberia and the Western Sahara so far, supported by War Child, Kodak and The Reuters Foundation.

A succesful first year for the Pavarotti Music Center
One year old, the Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar continues to thrive. The staff of local musicians and international postgraduates from Edinburgh and Hanover offer reconciliation through music and culture to the young people of Bosnia-Hercegovina.

The Centre’s music for schools pro-gramme currently provides music education to 12 primary schools, 7 kindergartens, special schools and the Sarajevo Blind School. The music therapy department (the first in Bosnia) is busy with referrals from medical, social and education authorities and is engaged in outreach work in refugee camps and the Sarajevo special school. A psychiatric hospital outreach programme allows patients to attend the centre for weekend visits.

The recording studios at the Pavarotti Music Centre have been fully booked throughout the year by musicians ranging from Bosnian rock groups to folk singers and choirs, such is the diversity of music embraced at the centre.

A daily rock school provides instruments and teaching for young rockers, and there are classical guitar classes, a youth choir and percussion workshops. There is a thriving Saturday club, drama workshops, dance classes, concerts, exhibitions and a CD and tape library.

When young people are unable to come to us, we go to them – one of our most successful music workshops takes place weekly in Ljubinje, in the heart of Republika Srpska.

Little Star - Grozny, Chechnya

 The children of Chechnya have suffered many atrocities: mines, bombs and other weapons have damaged them physically and psychologically, as well as often maiming or killing their family or friends.

As a consequence, many children suffer from insomnia and nightmares. They often isolate themselves, hardly talk to their parents or teachers, may exhibit violent behaviour, lack interest in school or other activities and have shock-reactions to sudden sounds. Little Star works intensively with children, parents, teachers and hospital staff throughout the region to try to reach these young victims of war and help them to regain some confidence in the future.

War Child Netherlands and the CPCD will continue (and hope to increase) their support for the Little Star Centre in the future. The Little Star rehabilitation centre for the children of war-torn Grozny has offered psychological assistance to over 750 children in the last year. The centre offers psychological rehabilitation to the many deeply traumatised children of the city. It also trains teachers and parents to recognise the symptoms of trauma and assist the children. Read more

North Sudan
Since April 1998, the War Child team in north Sudan has been strengthened by a young Dutch creative therapist who will be assisting the music and arts workshops in the refugee camps. As well as administering to the children's most basic needs, War Child Netherlands are also developing other programmes.

An idea was developed to bring street children from all around Khartoum together in a football competition. For Sudanese street children, a football is a possession to dream about.

The streetboys of Khartoum, ranging in age from 8 to 18. In December 1997, twenty football teams were formed with street children and children in reformatories, orphanages, drop-out schools and displaced community centres. The teams participate in a competition until July 1998. Read More

Kosovo refugee Report from SARAJEVO, November 1998
Over the past months, bedraggled and scared refugees have been arriving in Sarajevo, a city itself only just beginning the long road to recovery after a brutal four year war. These bewildered people are the victims of a new outbreak of ethnic violence in the region, their plight brought about by ethnic cleansing in nearby Kosovo.

By the end of 1998, approximately 5-10 thousand Albanians had arrived in Bosnia to seek refuge from the paramilitary police in their native Kosovo. The journey from Kosovo is only twelve hours by bus, yet few refugees have managed to complete the dangerous trip.

I arrived in Sarajevo at the end of November, and visited 800 refugees sheltering in a makeshift camp in the grounds and disused buildings of a factory in Hadzici. In this freezing and barren industrial wasteland, they were struggling to maintain their body heat and spirits as the cruel Bosnian winter began to bite

Anne Frank exhibition in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina
The mobile exhibition 'Anne Frank: A history for today' took place in the Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar in Autumn1998.

The exhibition was organised by War Child Netherlands and the Anne Frank Foundation to tell the story of Anne, a young Dutch Jewish girl and the world famous diary she kept whilst she and her family hid from German soldiers during the Second World War.

During the exhibition, Zlata Filipovic, a Bosnian girl who kept a diary during the war in Bosnia, spoke about her own experiences of war. Zlata’s message, echoed throughout the exhibition, was that there are thousands of Anne Franks in Bosnia today.

Local children, inspired by Anne’s story, staged the musical 'Dreams of Anne Frank' during the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Drum Fund for the Sarajevo Blind School

For a visually impaired child, sound is of the utmost importance. Music can be a vehicle for expression, communication, learning or just enjoyment. Visually impaired children seem to have a thirst, and often a natural talent, for music.

This is why the Pavarotti Music Centre are delighted to have donated some drums to the Sarajevo School for the Blind. Our photos show visually impaired children enjoying their new drums, which thanks to the Drum Fund are available to them whenever they want. Previously, the children could only play drums once a week during the workshops run at the Blind School by the Pavarotti Music Centre and the Sarajevo Drum Orchestra.

The children love their new drums, and the Pavarotti Music Centre and War Child would like to thank everyone who has helped make such a gift possible.

BNN & Friends for War Child

BNN, Bart's News Network, is the first Dutch public TV station for youngsters in the Netherlands and they recently supported War Child by organising a theme evening about children in war zones. The highlight of the evening was the recording of a beautiful CD single for War Child, named ‘Voorgoed’ (For Good), featuring famous Dutch artists Marco Borsato (War Child's patron in The Netherlands), de Kast, Herman Brood, Guus Meeuwis, de Heideroosjes, de Raggende Manne and jazz singer Fleurine.

‘Voorgoed’ reached the Top 10 in its second week, and continues to do very well in the charts, with sales raising funds for War Child Netherlands. Thank you to all Dutch TV stations who have so generously supported War Child Netherlands.





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