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War Child Holland Child & Youth Reach 2005

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In 2005 War Child Holland introduced a new measurement system to structurally measure the number of children reached by specific projects and programming. The system was introduced during the year, therefore some of the numbers mentioned above might not be entirely correct.

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The numbers mentioned above concern Children and Youth reached by War Child Holland in the following ways:

 Children and youth who participate in War Child intensive psycho-social activities on a daily or weekly basis.

 Children and youth who are being counseled by (para) professionals, like teachers and social workers, who have been trained directly by War Child Holland.

 Children and youth who are being reached with War Child Holland awareness building activities. They learn about the actual problems children are faced with in (post) conflict situations.

 Children and youth who are being reached as a part of a community, with incidental War Child Holland creative activities.



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