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War Child Holland projects reach more than 650.000 children in 2005

War Child Holland projects reach more than 650.000 children in 2005War Child Holland introduced a new measurement system for the programmes in 14 countries.

In the first results it was shown that the War Child Holland projects in 13 countries reach more than 650,000 children.

This does not mean our work is done. On the contrary, there are millions and millions of children still living in abominable circumstances. And YOU can HELP WAR CHILD TO HELP.

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Projects in Uganda

The conflict in the North has uprooted an estimated 1.7 million people (including some 935,000 children).

As part of their international cooperation War Child Holland and War Child Canada are working closely for the children of Northern Uganda, in Kitgum, Gulu and Lira districts.

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Other PROJECT news

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 War Child Holland stops in Chechnya and Ingushetia

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 War Child Holland starts new projects in Uganda


Youth and Radio Project in the DR of Congo

Youth and Radio Project in the DR of CongoIn the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congolese youth have started their own radio stations using any cobbled-together equipment they could find. This type of youth-based ‘radio-revolution’ often happens in conflict zones.

War Child Canada is supporting a youth-led radio program created by a group of youth in Baraka who run two small existing FM radio stations. Echo Bravo, one of WCC’s local partners, has provided training and a course for radio and outreach ‘animators’ on HIV/AIDS and life skills.

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War Child Holland uses more education

Projects in Israel and PalestineBesides the creative workshops, War Child Holland Operations are increasing the education component in it’s programs.

This is contributing a lot to the overall aim of War Child: to make children in war zones more able to withstand the pressures of war around them.

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War Child Canada in the DRC - Photo Gallery

War Child Canada in the DRC - Photo GalleryIt is estimated that over 3 million people have died in conflicts since 1998 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), making it the deadliest conflict since World War II.War Child Canada is rebuilding schools and education system and supporting at-risk youth including former child soldiers, returning refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and girl mothers.

View the photo gallery on the War Child Canada website

War Child Holland starts new projects in Israel and Palestine

Projects in Israel and PalestineWar Child has started supporting two local organisations: the organisation Peace Child in Israel and the Palestinian CCRR in the occupied territories. The organisations bring children of different backgrounds together to teach coexistence using theater and the arts as well as supporting youth ages 15-18
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