Darfur Vocational Training and Psycho Social Support Program

Where: El Geneina, West Darfur, Sudan

Local partner: St. Vincent de Paul Society

Donor: The Pindoff Project/ War Child Holland

The situation in Darfur (western Sudan) has been described by the United Nations as one of the largest humanitarian crises currently facing the world.  Raids on villages have resulted in widespread human rights abuses.  Approximately two million people have had to leave their homes and been forced to live in IDP (internally displaced persons) camps inside Sudan, or have crossed the border into Chad.

Youth living within IDP camps are especially vulnerable to sexual assault, military recruitment and lack education or job opportunities.  There are typically very few programs directed to children and youth within IDP camps.

In partnership with War Child Holland and working through the St. Vincent de Paul Society, War Child Canada is supporting a vocational training program that provides psychosocial and economic support to internally displaced youth.  Participants are trained in such things as masonry and food conservation, skills that will strengthen their livelihood opportunities both in the IDP camps and in their home villages once they return. The vocational training component supports the psychosocial project offered by War Child Holland, encouraging youth to participate, building confidence and strengthening their relationship with their communities    Courses on relevant issues such as hygiene promotion and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention are also  provided to project beneficiaries.

South Sudan Youth Development Project

Where: Southern Sudan

Local partner: South Sudan Youth Participation Agency (SSYPA)

Donor: CIDA

Twenty years of civil war has left Southern Sudan devastated.  The conflict has resulted in widespread destruction of community infrastructure, mass displacement of civilians and gross human rights abuses. 

In partnership with South Sudan Youth Participation Agency, this project promotes effective and meaningful youth involvement in the development of their communities. It works to strengthen the administrative capacity of SSYPA, a network of 47 youth organizations in southern Sudan and facilitates collaboration among its member organizations. 

Further programming activities will include HIV/AIDS education and awareness, mine education and awareness, psychosocial support programs, community peace building and reconciliation, skills training and other local rehabilitation efforts. 

Quick background facts:

  • The civil war in Sudan lasted over 20 years.
  • It is estimated that over 1.5 million people were killed.
  • A peace deal to end the civil war was signed in January 2005.
  • UNICEF estimates that 1.4 million children have been directly affected by the conflict in Darfur.
  • According to Human Rights Watch, approximately 2 million people have been displaced, out of a total population of 6 million in the Darfur region.
  • While estimates on the number of deaths in the Darfur conflict vary widely, some analysts say that the death toll may be as high as 300, 000 people.

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