War Child Canada

Founded in 1999, War Child Canada is an independent charitable organisation working across North America and around the world to assist children affected by war and to raise awareness for children's rights everywhere. We are working to help thousands whose lives have been torn apart by war, and to engage North American youth to take an active role in creating a more just future.

Our Projects

War Child Canada provides timely, effective and sustainable support to thousands of children and their families in conflict and post-conflict communities. We have humanitarian programs in more than a dozen war torn countries worldwide, including Afghanistan, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, northern Uganda, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan (south Sudan and Darfur regions), Georgia, Ghana (Liberian refugees), and Colombia. We provide programs that focus on education, HIV/AIDS, psychosocial rehabilitation, child rights, health and vocational training enabling children to support their communities and nurture a culture of peace and development. War Child Canada works directly with local partners within the various countries who have the commitment, knowledge and dedication to rebuilding their communities and creating opportunities for their children and youth.

At Home

WCC actively engages Canadian youth to increase awareness and to motivate young Canadians to become active global citizens through innovative educational programs. Each year, tens of thousands of young Canadians raise both awareness and funds through War Child Canada’s Keep The Beat – a musical fundraising activity that keeps the music going through concerts, performances, dances, and competitions.

War Child enjoys great support from the Canadian Music Industry. In addition to numerous concerts, War Child Canada released the Peace Songs album in 2003 and in September 2006 released a new CD, Help: A Day In The Life. In November 2006, War Child Canada launches Get Loud / Plus Fort, a unique bi-lingual website celebrating the contributions of Canadian musicians and youth activists who are working towards a brighter future.

War Child Canada adheres to Imagine Canada’s Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code, engaging in ethical fundraising practices that do not contradict our goals nor our integrity. More than 90% of all donations received go directly to our charitable programs.

As a result, our international projects now help thousands of children and youth in ten regions of the world who have lived through war. Also, thousands of young people across North America have become involved in our campaigns, and hundreds more are creating a global network for peace via our online portal, No War Zone.

As a member of the War Child International Network, which includes War Child Canada and War Child Holland, we share the common goal of assisting war-affected children, but remain financially and operationally independent.

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