Our approach

Our Approach.
Children have the skills and ability to shape their lives and cope with adversity, even in the face of
armed conflict. There are five ways that we help to make this happen:

• Child protection – providing safety from armed conflict.
• Education – improving access to relevant, quality education.
• Psychosocial – offering support to regain self-esteem and rebuild relationships with friends and
• Livelihoods – training in skills and business to offer a real chance at a better future.
• Justice – helping children and young people understand and claim their rights, and access legal
assistance and justice procedures.

Our programmes are developed in collaboration with children and their communities to ensure
that they are as relevant and accessible as possible. We work with the people and institutions
that play an important role in children’s lives such as parents, teachers, community groups and
governments. This approach helps children recover from their experiences and gives them the
confidence and opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their

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